Darrell Bradley says his reason for not running again for mayor is personal

Alexis R. Milan

Mayor Darrell Bradley says that though he is focused on wrapping up his three-year term and he is not yet completely certain about his career path, he is giving consideration to his candidacy in the Caribbean Shores area.
“I’m a very strategic person, I never do something by mistake, I deliberately did not submit the application for a specific reason,” Bradley said.
He explained that the decision for him to not run again is a personal one based on multiple factors but did say that he intends to remain committed to public service, wherever that may lead him.
Bradley told The Reporter that he is committed to the United Democratic Party (UDP) and would support any of the candidates who have submitted their names to run as mayor in the next municipal elections.
Though the Prime Minister said last week that there is one possibility that Bradley could run again, that is in the event a candidate withdraws from the race, Bradley said that to him there are no loopholes and he will not run again.
Bradley stated that he has never made his aspirations to run for Caribbean Shores a secret and explained that through the soft campaign he has done he believes that he has considerable support. The mayor explained that he is currently still conducting his soft campaign, trying to gain traction and that he has never considered running in any other constituency because he has made a commitment to the people in that area.
Bradley said that before departing office he is focusing on completing the projects that his Council started, including the concreting of 34 more streets in Belize City, eight of which have already commenced, and remedial works on 25 streets mainly on the south side.
Bradley projected that the council’s drainage project would be completed in May, and stated that the renovation of the Commercial Center and relocation of City Hall would be the only project started under his council that would carry over.

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