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Guatemalan diplomat charged for fatal accident

By Renee Trujillo – Staff Reporter Belmopan police have charged the Secretary General for the vice-presidency of Guatemala, Roy Alex Benet, 42 after he was involved in a messy traffic accident which killed a Canadian woman and injured her three children. Belmopan police have charged the Secretary General for the […]

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Stopped in its tracks! Court says NO to GOB B.T.L. sale

By Angel Novelo – Staff Reporter The Supreme Court has issued an injunction, preventing the Said Musa government from transferring any of its 37.5% bloc of shares in B.T.L. to any private entity or citisen, at least until the court can determine if any one person or entity has the […]

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The bird has flown! Al Sayed broke bail to go to Lebanon!

By Angel Novelo – Staff Reporter Belize City, Mon. June 27: Hassan Al Sayed, the fifty-three-year-old naturalised Belizean facing numerous charges of forgery and related crimes involving the immigration scandal of three years ago, failed to show up for his Supreme Court hearing on Monday. Al Sayed and Gaby Afif, […]

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S.J.C. prepares Belizeans for IT market

St. John’s College Junior College on Wednesday partnered with Cisco Systems, to launch a Local Cisco Networking Academy. The Academy programme prepares students for networking and IT related careers in the public and private sectors as well as for higher education in engineering, computer science and related fields. According to […]

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Nothing yet! But drilling continues

Doug Wilham, President of the well drilling company doing exploration work near Spanish Lookout, has dismissed a report, published last weekend in the Belize Times, (Sunday June 26, 2005) of an oil find in the ?ayo District. Interviewed in San Ignacio last week-end, Wilham said the signs are good, but […]

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Chetumal lawyer held for currency violation

By Renee Trujillo – Staff Reporter A Mexican lawyer, Carlos Garcia, has paid his court fine of $5,000 plus the costs of court after pleading guilty on Tuesday, June 28 to a charge of currency violation. Charges against his two companions Raul Antonio Carillo, 32, a driver and Octavio Soldano, […]

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Mexican investor plans Four-Mile Lagoon resort

By William Ysaguirre – Staff Rpeorter The name Galeria Maya wasn’t mentioned, but a Mexican hotel entrepreneur is seeking to build a four-hotel resort, a la Galeria Maya, in the Corozal Commercial Free Zone, on the shores of the Four-Mile Lagoon. Prime Minister Said Musa gave first hint of the […]

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Court puts Shares on hold, trial resumes Monday

By William Ysaguirre – Staff Reporter The Government of Belize will have to wait at least until next Monday, July 4, to see if it has legal authority to sell an additional 12.5% bloc of B.T.L. shares to British millionaire Michael Ashcroft. Gilbert Smith, an employee and minority shareholder of […]

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A bridge to boost trade! Mexico to spend $30 million

By William Ysaguirre – Staff reporter Mexico’s President, Vicente Fox finalised three agreements: to build a new cross-border bridge in Santa Elena, a bilateral agreement for co-operation in disaster prevention and a bilateral agreement on border security, during his one-day state visit to Belize on Tuesday June 28. Fox was […]

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Public’s monies missing who is responsible?

William Ysaguirre – Staff reporter The government of Belize and in the end Belizean taxpayers, will foot the bill for any shortfall in monies owed by the Development Finance Corporation (D.F.C.) to the Social Security Board (S.S.B.). Financial secretary, Carla Barnett, disclosed this outcome when she testified before the fifth […]