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Food for Thought (Progress brings problems)

It But there are occasions when I remember the other side of myself.

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Marine Reserve in Toledo gets $800,000 dev. grant

The Caribbean Environment Programme’s (CREP) has allocated some $800,000 for a project in Belize in the Port Honduras Marine Reserve and Payne’s Creek National Park. The work will include land and sea based improvements. The Caribbean Environment Programme’s (CREP) has allocated some $800,000 for a project in Belize in the […]

BEL Powersockets win three in a row
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BEL Powersockets win three in a row

The defending champions of Belize City interoffice softball competition, the BEL/Belitur Power-sockets have qualified for the play-offs with three consecutive victories in their last three outings to close out their regular season on Monday night. It was sweet revenge when they held the School Teachers Association And Remotely Related Staff […]

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Peace Corps celebrate 42 yrs. of dedicated service to Belize

Forty years ago, 24 Peace Corps Volunteers arrived in Belize. On November 6, 19 of them came back for a reunion in Caye Caulker. All were impressed with the changes that have taken place in Belize and in their respective lives as a result of the two years To keep […]


EU vote to delay cuts gives breathing space to Belize

Belize breathed a huge sigh of relief this week at the news that the European Union has decided to postpone reform measures which would have cut subsidies to Pacific, African and Caribbean sugar producers. The sweeping reforms by the European Union to cut away the protection it offers to Pacific, […]

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U.B. lecturer to face trial for $100,000 theft!

The former head of the Adult and Continuing Education pro-gramme at the University of Belize, Mohammed Kamruzz-aman, has been indicted to stand trial at the next sitting of the Supreme Court in January. He is accused of stealing more than $100,000 from the university during the sixteen months that he […]

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Taiwanese investors visit Belize

A high level business delegation from the Republic of China (Taiwan) met with Prime Minister Said Musa and Investment Minister Ralph Fonseca in Belmopan on Friday last November 26, 2004. Minister without Portfolio Lin Yi-fu lead the delegation which included officials from the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Agriculture and Fisheries […]

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GOB bruk – No Income Tax refunds until 2005

The financially strapped Musa government, has been having problems since April to pay thousands of Belizean taxpayers the income tax refund owed to them, as a result of their having paid more than their share of taxes. Several employees of the Income Tax Department were reluctant to go on record […]


Dark side of cruise tourism now coming to the forefront

The Belize Tourism Association has protested to the Belize Cruiseship Industry Association about what it describes as the

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Telephone shutdown due to damaged submarine cable

Belize Telecommunications Limited (B.T.L.), says that damage to underwater fibreoptic cables in Mexico and South America is to blame for the abrupt interruption of international direct telephone and Internet services on Friday last until Tuesday evening, November 30. Thousands of Belizeans and especially the business community, which relies so heavily […]