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Virus Hoaxes By Niall Gillett, CISSP Viruse hoaxes cause many problems They take advantage of your trust.

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D.F.C. sell out! Buyers wanted!

The Prime Minister Since June 2003, the corporation has been working on a restructuring plan in an effort to make the institution more sustainable and to take recognition of the changing role of the development banks in the region and of the criteria required by the traditional multi-lateral lending institutions. […]

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Princess mgr. on trial – illegally exporting U.S. $$

The Magistrate Court trial of a Princess Hotel floor manager, Murat Kalender, accused of illegally exporting U.S. $16,094 in cash on July 8 of this year, continued on Monday with more witnesses testifying for the prosecution. Kalender, the prosecution is alleging, failed to declare the U.S. currency while departing Belize […]

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Trouble in Offshore land: Court rules in favour of client.

Some serious weaknesses in the offshore banking business in Belize were exposed last week at the conclusion of a Supreme Court trial, in which the court ordered Atlantic International Bank Limited to pay an export processing business the sum of U.S. $4,724 which was confiscated by U.S. federal authorities. The […]

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Human rights education gets a boost from San Carlos University

Presently on a week-long visit to Belize is Dr. Marco Antonio Sagastume Gemmell, Director of the Institute for Legal Research at San Carlos University in neighbouring Guatemala. This international/regional human rights lawyer and scholar who has penned many book on human rights issues is here to support the work of […]

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Cops ready for Christmas crooks

Citizens concerned about the crime explosion announcing the beginning of the Christmas season can take comfort in the knowledge that the Police Department has already stepped up both foot and mobile street patrols in Belize City and elsewhere. Street patrols have already been beefed up with senior staff from police […]

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P.M. admits Prosser didn

The financially strapped Musa government is sinking deeper in money woes as it appears government may have to fork up money to pay for another government guaranteed multi-million dollar loan that Jeffrey Prosser, B.T.L. Musa, in a November 12, television interview with Channel 7, admitted, after months of denials, that […]


Cabral to finally answer passport forgery charges

The long-awaited trial of Therese Cabral, the Belize City sales clerk who has been charged for forging passport applications in the scandalous sale of Belize passports in 2002, is slated to begin on November 25. Her trial was first scheduled to begin on Thursday, November 11, 2004 before Supreme Court […]


Chamber urges GOB to audit DFC before sale

The Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry has told the government of Belize that it is not of the view that the the Development Finance Corporation should be closed without doing a thorough review to establish possible causes for its unusual and unexpected demise. The Chamber communicated this view to […]

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Editorial (21.11.2004)

Isn More revenue? For what! So that the wealthy can grow fatter and more opulent on the sweat of working men and women? So that Ministers can have a bigger overseas bank account? Even as this government makes its case for more revenue, it continues to neglect its first responsibility […]