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Two charged after a year for Hershel Brown’s murder

By Renee Trujillo – Staff reporter It was a cold blooded murder in San Ignacio town on July 6, 2004 when Hershel Brown’s life was taken for reasons yet to be determined. A year later, two men have been remanded to the Hattieville Prison for the murder. Pedro Guzman, 21 […]

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Daniela earns Master’s degree in Musicfrom the Univeristy of Rhode Island

Daniela Yolanda Gongora, Belize’s favourite violinist, has graduated from the University of Rhode Island in New England, U.S.A. with a Master’s degee in Music. She proposes to focus on musical performance. Daniela’s musical development began at the Pallotti Music School where she studied violin and piano from the elementary level […]

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Gunmen target nightclubs

By Renee Trujillo – Staff Reporter Since Chinese businessmen have begun to arm themselves with guns to protect their families and their businesses, burglars and looters have begun to look for softer targets. Last weekend they robbed two nightclubs. According to eyewitnesses, two men, one armed with a handgun, the […]

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A fight to the death! Guatemalan pros go at it.

By Renee Trujillo – Staff Reporter A Guatemalan woman has been remanded to the Hattieville Prison after being charged with murder. Yanina Dominga Escobar, 20, is accused of stabbing another woman, 23-year-old Judith Salguero, also of Guatemala, during a bar fight. According to eyewitnesses, the two Guatemalans belong to a […]

Crime / Editorial

Bitter times ahead for EU sugar- prices to drop 39% by 2010

By William Ysaguirre – Staff Reporter Belize’s sugar industry, already reeling from falling world prices and a 15% shortfall in sugar cane production this past year, is to suffer another blow from a 39% cut in prices sugar sold to the European Union. The E.U. sugar market is vital to […]

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Something’s wrong here!Why are so many dropping out of school?

By Decon Cal I could only find two sets of statistics for a complete 12 years of school. The figures show the number of children enrolled in April of the listed year. As you will see, the number of children in school decreases dramatically with each passing year. A figure […]

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Cayo Christians pray for better times

By William ysaguirre – Staff Reporter San Ignacio Town, July 3, 2005 The Pentecostal and Adventist congregations of Benque, San Ignacio, Santa Elena San Jose Succotz, Santa Familia, San Antonio, and Cristo Rey joined forces on Sunday last to pray for better times. They also prayed for the Prime Minister […]

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Musa’s actions caused him to lose U.S. $200 million – Prosser claims

By William Ysaguire – Staff Reporter Jeffrey Prosser’s Belize Telecom Limited and Innovative Communications Corporation (I.C.C.) are claiming U.S. $200 million in damages from the Government of Belize. Prosser’s I.C.C. gave the government of Belize notice On Monday, July 4 that I.C.C. and Belize Telecom Limited intend to take their […]

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Who wants to be the mayor of the city?

By Ann-Marie Williams – News Editor The United Democratic Party last week quietly endorsed the San Pedro Town Board for the upcoming March 1, 2006 Municipal elections. The PUP is still to talk about the issues of the city as they’re quietly dashed aside for the in your face national […]

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Baeza, Briceno on the way out? Cabinet shake-up in the pipeline

By Ann-Marie Williams – News Editor The fourth Cabinet reshuffle of the Said Musa government in 28 months during an unprecedented second term in office is expected to take place this week. Sources close to this newspaper say Housing Minister, Servulo Baeza, will be stripped of his portfolio. That will […]