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C.X.C. Belize honours 502 students

Five hundred two high school graduates received certificates of achievement when the National C.X.C. Committee for Belize held its annual national awards ceremony at the St. John’s College Gymnasium in Belize City on Thursday, November 25, 2004. The students were honoured for their outstanding performance in the Caribbean Secondary Education […]


Ultimatum to Prime Minister: No new tax without reform!

The Belize Chamber of Commerce and the National Trade Union Congress have sent an ultimatum to Prime Minister Said Musa. They will refuse to support any move for new taxes unless and until the Government takes steps to bring about constitutional and political reforms. The coalition of business and labour […]

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pregnant mother dies at the hands of lover

Belize City police have charged 29-year-old Lloyd When the expected mother of six was found, she was lying face down in a pool of blood, with a gunshot wound to the left side of her chest. According to a police report, Brakeman and his wife were at home, located at […]


Belize Bank tightens lending policy

Belize A check with the bank loans department has confirmed the reports. According to bank personnel, people wishing to make loans will only qualify if they have a co-signer who has the amount of cash in the bank or if, applicants have collateral that cover the amount in the loan. […]

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Judgement day for Inga Aikman

Today was the day the C.X.C. national committee chose to award students who excelled in the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC). It was also judgement day for Inga Aikman. One she waited for since 2003 when she sat eight C.X.C. general/Technical proficiency and passed them all, eight (1s) She also […]

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Editorial (28.11.04)

The joint declaration this week by the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the National Trade Union Congress is the expression of two private sector organisations which have completely lost their confidence in the Musa Administration to govern the people with justice and equity. In the days which follow, […]

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BTL & Belize Bank clash over $30 million loan

The Belize Telecommunications Limited, the telephone monopoly now owned by Jeffrey Prosser of Innovative Communications Corporation (I.C.C.), has accused the Belize Bank of improperly tying up $30 million dollars worth of B.T.L. deposits. B.T.L. says the deed, done in November last year, was clearly one of conflict of interest since […]

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Women march to

Today, Belize like many other nations throughout the world, is observing International Day to Eliminate Violence against Women. A growing global movement to end a tragic epidemic that devastates the lives of women and girls, fractures communities and is a barrier to equality, development and peace. Today we remember Nora […]

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Ex-cop gets 15 yrs. for child sex abuse

Jason Flores, a former Dangriga policeman who savagely beat a 10-year-old girl while raping her five years ago in Dangriga, was convicted of the brutal crime in the Dangriga Supreme Court last Thursday. Temporary judge Justice Simeon Sampson sentenced Flores to fifteen years for the crime of carnal knowledge and […]

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Virus Hoaxes By Niall Gillett, CISSP Viruse hoaxes cause many problems They take advantage of your trust.