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Sales tax extortion scam ends in arrest

By Angel Novelo – Staff Reporter An employee of the Sales Tax Department has been charged with extortion following a sting operation by Belize City police. Leodan Torres, a 28-year-old sales tax collector of Flamboyant Street in the St. Martins de Porres area of Belize City, was granted bail in […]


Keep up the fight! Caye Caulker family urges

The family of the late Ruben “Pony” Alarcon has issued a statement to the press praising the Director of Public Prosecutions and Crown Counsel Kamar Henry for their work on the case which resulted in the conviction of Police Constable Sheldon Arzu for manslaughter. The family said that although its […]


Belize activates 2nd oil well! Combined production: 1,000 barrels a day

Belize Natural Energy Limited, the first and only company to find oil in commercial quantity in Belize, announced this week it now has two oil wells in test production, each yielding some 500 barrels a day. Director Sheila McCaffrey announced the company’s second well, the Usher #2, is active under […]


P.C. Sheldon Arzu gets 13-year in jail for killing Alarcon

By Angel Novelo – Staff Reporter Police Constable Sheldon Arzu, has been sentenced to 13-years in jail for the shooting death of Reuben “Pony” Alarcon. Arzu shot Alarcon in his back inside the Caye Caulker police station on June 7, 2003. The 13 year jail sentence took effect on the […]


D.F.C. takes Novelos’ to court

By William Ysagirre – Staff Reporter Despite the claims of Novelos’ Bus Service general manager Robert Garcia that the receivership is servicing its loans from the Development Finance Corporation and Atlantic Bank, the D.F.C. is clearly becoming impatient to collect and is taking the Novelo’s family to court. D.F.C.’s attorneys, […]


To shoot or not to shoot That is the Question!

By Angel Novelo – Staff Reporter The question of when and under what cicumstances a police officer is allowed to use his firearm was raised in the Supreme Court this week. Cpl. Orlando Cruz testified during a murder trial that police policy prevented him from firing a warning shot when […]


A Christmas Dinner – fit for a Queen!

The semestre has come to end for most of tertiary schools throughout Belize.


“Misunderstanding” results in call for Rosado’s resignation

By Lisbeth Ayuso A misunderstanding between the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital’s recently hired neurosurgeon, Dr. Andre Cervantes and the hospital’s Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O.), Alvaro Rosado has given way to a web of accusations and hefty demands. Adding to the tangle is the Belize Medical and Dental Union’s call for […]


Postmaster tightens security

A mailman found to have several mails on his person during a police search has been arrested by the police pending criminal charges Police are pursuing further investigations of postman Brian Luna, who is in police custody pending charges after a search of his person revealed several mail parcels. The […]


Consul escapes death 50 plus shots fired at Abou-Nehra

By Ann-Marie Williams – News Editor Honourary Consul of Lebanon, Sarkis Abou-Nehra is lucky to be alive after a mad shootout which started in his bedroom of his elaborate Burrell Boom estate left him with only a bullet wound on the middle finger of his right hand. Abou-Nehra told Reporter […]