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Sister Clare celebrates 50 years of great commission

By Ann-Marie Williams – News Editor Sister Clare of Assist. It was a warm Sunday afternoon, literally and figuratively, on July 16 at 2:30 P.M. as the Dangriga sun bared down on the roof of the Sacred Heart Church. Warm voices blended as drums reverberated all in celebration of Sr. […]


Kirk Gordon gets life for beating acquaintance to death

By Angel Novelo – Staff Reporter Kirk Gordon, the man a police sergeant saw beating Arthur Ellis, 35, to death with a piece of 1×3 was on Friday last, July 14 has been convicted of murder by a jury of his peers. Gordon has been sentenced to life in prison. […]


GOB permits destroy beaches and Ara Macao wants one

During Hundreds of years Belize’s beaches were formed and replenished by the sands washed down Belize’s rivers and creeks. When the sand migrated further south, due to the currents, it was replaced by additional sand that had washed down the rivers and creeks from the north. Nature developed Belize’s beautiful […]


BDF Cadets hit the booksNew initiative stresses brainpower

Dr. Arlie Petters Belize in recent years has been fortunate in not having to take up arms and defend herself from a foreign threat, well, except for the ongoing Guatemala issue which seems to result in nothng but “hard talks.” Still the Ministry of Defence is taking every precaution and […]


Guatemalan Gang of Nine:Leader Marcus Molina seized in Belize!

By Angel Novelo – Staff Reporter Marcus Javier Chiquin Molina Police say one of about nine members of a Guatemalan gang was on Monday arraigned in the San Ignacio and Belmopan Magistrate’s Courts. Marcus Javier Chiquin Molina was slapped with four counts of armed robbery stemming from four separate incidents. […]


Million $$$$ Rip-off! SSB a willing pawn.

By Harry Lawrence – Publisher In the ancient world alchemists searched for ways to turn base metal into gold by adding a few choice minerals. But even that cannot approach the mighty works of Belizean master alchemist Glenn Godfrey, who with a few well turned legal phrases could transform land […]


Parental help makes the difference!

By Deacon Cal Cathers I will add my voice to those who are giving opinions on the reasons for poor P.S.E. and BJAT scores. It is not the children’s fault! Please read the following most recently published Ministry of Education statistics. Before reading the rest of the article, draw your […]


The battlelines are drawn:

By Harry Lawrence – Publisher Former Prime Minister George Price this week broke his long sleep on public affairs to comment briefly on the state of politics in Belize. Price, who has kept a stony silence during an unprecedented string of scandals and setbacks rocking the PUP, broke his self-imposed […]


Life skills programme empowers youth

By Lisbeth Ayuso Robert Lopez Navigating through the course of life requires skills, knowledge and a strong sense of self to stay on track and succeed. It is a difficult journey at any age and children find it particularly challenging as they must learn these skills and find themselves in […]


Former Compol dies of heart attack

By Joseph Stamp Romero – Staff Reporter Kent Haylock dead at 68. Funeral arrangements for former Police Commissioner Kent Haylock are yet to be finalised pending the arrival of his wife Margaret and some family members. Haylock, a career police officer who rose to the top brass spent more than […]