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$85 million in new taxes! That’s what it will take, IMF says

International Monetary Fund consultants who spent two weeks here last month looking at the state of the Belizean economy, have said the government must now go through an austerity phase, raising new taxes and cutting down on expenses. The Government of Belize this week produced its own sanitised version of […]

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Wanted: Fake Doctor and Fraud master

By Renee Trujillo – Staff Reporter Less than four hours after last week’s issue hit the streets, the Reporter received reports that Raul Randolfo Ramirez Cabral, a computer technician who was posing as a doctor, fled the island on the first available flight. As of press time, he was reported […]

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Editorial (15.05.05)

By Harry Lawrence – Publisher Glen Godfrey, chief architect and principal share-holder of Intelco, the telephone company that tried to break the Ashcroft monopoly at B.T.L., has broken his silence to say publicly that Intelco lost U.S.$60 million in investment capital when it was forced into receivership. Speaking on the […]

El Salvador wins 2nd Central American Female Softball Junior Championships
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El Salvador wins 2nd Central American Female Softball Junior Championships

By William Ysaguirre – Sports Editor El Salvador’s under-19 female softball team repeated as champions in the Central American female softball junior championships hosted by the Belize Softball Federation at the Rogers Stadium from April 29 – May 1. El Salvador won all first five of their games, except for […]

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Union giant writes to Musa in support of BTL workers

Union Network International (UNI) a global union which represents more than 15 million members in 1,000 in 150 countries all over the world, has written to Prime Minister Said Musa, urging him to sell the remaining B.T.L. shares to the workers of the telecommunications industry of Belize. Union Network International […]


IMF sees Belize exports as something phenomenal

The San Pedro Chamber of Commerce has posted a report on its web site of its meeting with the I.M.F. team which recently visited Belize. The report summarises the points made as follows: For convenience some of the points made have been combined: 1.The I.M.F. team found that the Belizean […]


Agric Show strives to “keep mi dala Hoam”

By William Ysaguirre – Staff Reporter Thousands of Belizeans braved the intense heat and oppressive humidity of the Labour Day weekend to accept the Agriculture ministry’s invitation to attend the National Agriculture and Trade Show in Belmopan. Gate receipts show that 24,000 people attended the fair on Saturday and another […]


38? a kilowatt not enough, says BEL CEO, Lynn Young

By William Ysaguirre – Staff Reporter The 8.6% increase in electricity rates granted by the Public Utilities Commission will not be enough for BEL to finance its planned programme of expansion of service, BEL’s Chief Executive Officer Lynn Young told Reporter in a telephone interview on Thursday, April 28. The […]

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Sabotage cost BEL thou$and$

By William Ysaguirre – Staff reporter Saboteurs sawed through and set fire to six poles supporting the 115 kilovolt transmission line from Mexico to Belize about a mile north of San Pablo Village in the Orange Walk district on Saturday last, April 30. Six more had been damaged in the […]

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Belize to appeal South Miami District Court ruling

By Angel Novelo – Staff Reporter Godfrey Smith, Belize’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, revealed on Wednesday that Belize is appealing the Miami District Court’s ruling in the dispute over B.T.L.’s directors. Smith said he is not in a position to answer questions about whether Belize would pay the contempt penalties […]