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Editorial (17.12.06)

By Harry Lawrence – Publisher Efforts by the Prime Minister and others of his executive to avoid testifying before the Commission Investigating the activities of the Development Finance Corporation have succeeded in disrupting the work of the Commission. We hope that the delay is only temporary, but that will depend […]


Worlds AIDS Day focuses on knowing one’s HIV status

By Joseph Romero Stamp – Staff Reporter Yuri Esperito, Administrative Assistant of UNICEF checks her HIV status. The impact of stigma and discrimination has not made combating HIV/AIDS an easy task for health officials, however the adoption of a new global campaign promises better results. The Ministry of Health celebrated […]


Police get six new vehicles to boost patrol Nine more on its way

By Angel Novelo – staff Reporter O.C. Dangriga, supt. Russell Blackett says the new vehicle will come in handy for his officers. The Police Department has added six brand new vehicles to their fleet to help boost its crime fighting efforts just in time for the Christmas holidays. The spanking […]


Singer Louis Peyrefitte passes at 68

By Angel Novelo – staff Reporter Louis Peyrefitte, deceased. Well-known Belizean musician and sculptor Louis Peyrefitte died of kidney failure around 10 P.M. on December 2 at a hospital in Ocean Township New Jersey, U.S.A. His wife Geraldine was by his side. Peyrefitte who was 68 was diagnosed with kidney […]


San Ignacio man wins lotto In time for the Christmas

By Armin Petzold – Staff Reporter Elvis Usher wins big by playing Lotto. It seemed as though lady luck delivered good tidings just in time for the Christmas season for a San Ignacio man who won last month’s $75,000 lotto jackpot. Although the prize was for the November 18 draw, […]


Toys for Tots make 75 faces joyful

By Joseph Romero Stamp – Staff Reporter Florina Cal seems as if she is not happy with Santa Calus. Christmas Day will undoubtedly bring smiles to the many children who are anxiously awaiting gifts, but in the meanwhile, one Airline has already started to spread the Christmas cheer. The 10th […]


Hop-On cell phone bursts into flames while charging

By Angel Novelo – staff Reporter This Hop-on cell phone exploded while being charged. The next time you leave your cellular telephone charging at home or at your office unattended, think about the devastating effect it could cause if it explodes and bursts into flames. That is what happened to […]


Cal wins big time in Belmopan

Surprise winner is Moises Cal.  Moises Cal, the soft-spoken former Ambassador to Guatemala, surprised a lot of people last Sunday when he won convincingly over party favourite Anthony Chanona to become PUP candidate for the new Belmopan electoral division. The contest gave 454 votes to Cal and 338 to Chanona.


Gangland feuds taking over! Police appear helpless!

By Joseph Romero Stamp – Staff Reporter Curlin Felix, the 30-year-old man who beat a murder rap last month in the Supreme Court, was shot in the hip and belly on Sunday last but he is not dead. It was a drive-by shooting on Sanker Street, an offshoot of Faber’s […]


Court will deal with macheteman Friday.Salazar convicted of chop-up murder!

By Angel Novelo – staff Reporter Denicio Salazar to be sentenced for murder on December 8. Denicio Salazar, the man who inflicted a fatal chop wound to 21-year old Rodney August, while August was sitting with his girl friend on the bank of the Macal River in San Ignacio two […]