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Another youth gunned down while hanging out

Damion Gordon, deceased. Police have charged two Belize City youth for the murder of Damion Gordon. They are Alfred Conorque, 22, of Vernon Street and Callum Sutherland of Aloe Vera Street. Sutherland has been additionally charged for abetment to commit murder. Police say Gordon, 21, was gunned down on Sunday […]


Threats against witnesses: Not a big deal for cops!

A Belize City man accused of threatening an eyewitness in the April 10 murder of Mitchum Heredia, walked free on Tuesday morning when three police officers failed to show up in court. Chief Magistrate Herbert Lord had no choice but to throw out the charges of attempted suppression of evidence […]


Lizarraga and Flores are top CSEC students

By Joseph Stamp Romero – Staff Reporter Ian Lizarraga 1st. Aimee Flores, 2nd. Two top students have earned awards of recognition from in the Caribbean Secondary Examination Council (CSEC) for their performance at last year’s sitting. Each received special acknowledge-ments at an official ceremony. They are Ian Lizarraga and Aimee […]


13 Belizeans awarded Executive Masters in Business Administration

By Armin Petzold – Staff Reporter Alberto Young Jr. Highest Achiever. Thirteen working professionals, eight men and five women on Friday last, received their Executive Masters in Business Administration Degree from the University of the West Indies’ Cave Hill School of Business in collaboration with the University of Belize. Ceremonies […]


Protagonists hail benchmark ruling!“A great service to Belize” – Noble

BPA President Amparo Noble. Senior Counsel Lois Young President of the Belize Printers Association Amparo Noble, this week greeted the ruling by Belize’s Chief Justice Abdulai Conteh on the government misuse of contracts as a significant step forward. “Our victory lies in the Chief Justice’s statement: The so-called long and […]


On-duty security guard shot dead with his own gun

By Armin Petzold – Staff Reporter Fortunatus Chun worked at B.W.S.L. for years. A K.B.H. Security guard and father of a 5-year-old girl is dead after having been shot in the right side of the neck at point blank range with his own gun while on duty at the Belize […]


Belize printers give gov’t a black eyeCourt rules printing contracts “arbitrary & unreasonable”

Chief Justice Abuhlai Conteh: “It cannot be a case of practice makes perfect.” he Belize Printers Association received with satisfaction the result of their historic court battle against government abuse of power as demonstrated in selling off the Government Printery and awarding a multi-million five-year printing contract to a crony […]


Editorial (26.11.06)

By Harry Lawrence – Publisher Those who listened to the proceedings of the House of Representatives on Friday last November 17, were turned off by the vehemence and intemperate language of Home Affairs Minister Ralph Fonseca, who railed up against the media. His reference to Goebbels and to Hitler had […]


Peace Corps reunite-Stories of 44 years of great work in Belize

By Joseph Stamp Romero – Staff Reporter Some of the volunteer of the 1960s share stories of fun times living and working in Belize. A reunion, for over 75 of the 1,750 Peace Corps volunteers who served this country took place on Saturday last, November 11, at 2 P.M. at […]


Belize-Guatemala dialogue to protect Chiquibul forest

Twenty-to participants from Belize and Guatemala including gathered for a two day session at Las Cuevas Research station with the primary objective of developing a bi-national work plan directed to better protect the Chiquibul forest which is shared by both countries. The Chiquibul National Park in Belize and Chiquibul-Montanas Mayas […]