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Study: Consuming more coffee reduces risk of type 2 diabetes

By Marion V Ali

A study which the Diabetologia (the journal of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes) has published shows that increasing coffee consumption by on average one-and-half cups per day over a four-year period reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes.

According to the study, led by Drs. Frank Hu and Shilpa Bhupathiraju of the US Department of Nutrition and Harvard University respectively, the reduction of that risk is as much as 11 percent.

The authors examined the associations between four-year changes in coffee and tea consumption and risk of type 2 diabetes in the subsequent four years. They used observational data from three large prospective, US-based studies in their analysis which collected detailed information on diet, lifestyle, medical conditions, and other chronic diseases every two to four years for over 20 years.

Participants who decreased their coffee intake by one cup a day or more had a 17 percent higher risk for type 2 diabetes. Changes in tea consumption were not associated with type 2 diabetes risk.

Those with highest coffee consumption and who maintained that consumption had the lowest risk of type 2 diabetes, 37 percent lower than the “low-stable consumers” who consumed one cup or less per day.


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