New clinic offers diabetic patients hope

Orange Walk is now home to the first Diabetic Clinic in the country. Opened on Saturday, March 1, the clinic is the brainchild of Drs. Vladimir and Perlita Sarrión.
The clinic named “Nueva Esperanza,” translates to “New Hope” in English. And true to its name, the clinic offers new hope and viable treatment to diabetic patients.
Specialized in Angiology, Dr. Perlita explained that her medical expertise concentrates on veins and arteries – an important factor for diabetic patients. Among the other services being offered, are vascular surgery, anodyne therapy and podiatry services.
Diabetics usually encounter complications, beginning with neuropathy and subsequent diabetic foot wounds. These frequently lead to infection and amputation.
In order to diminish the often painful and permanent consequences associated with diabetic foot ulcers, the clinic offers a number of other solutions that seek to avoid amputation.
Located in the San Jose, Nuevo Palmar area of Orange Walk, the clinic is open Mondays through Saturdays and can be reached at telephone number, 302-1005.

(Left) Drs. Vladimir and Perlita Sarrión
(Below) Nueva Esperanza Diabetic Clinic

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