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MOH wraps up Dental Health Week

By Benjamin Flowers, Staff Reporter

The Ministry of Health closed off Dental Health Week on Friday with a health fair at the Central Health Region compound.

The health fair featured information from the dental health unit as well as several other MOH departments, including the Water Analysis Unit, and the Health Education and Community Participation Bureau (HECOPAB).

The fair also featured booths from health related non-governmental organizations, including the Belize Cancer Society and the Diabetes Association of Belize.

Dr. Rafael Samos, senior dental surgeon for the MOH, explained that through the educational campaigns run by the ministry, there has been a shift in public perception of oral hygiene and going to the dentist.

“The situation now is not like it was in previous years, people used to think that going to the dentist was simply for extraction, but now they know they have options, “Samos said.

He added that the dental health unit runs five campaigns all year long, including school outreach, prison outreach, mobile outreach; where they go into the villages and the walk-in clinic at the central region office.

Dental Health Week began on Monday, with each health region holding their own activities. Central health held clinics from Monday to Wednesday where teachers were given free dental grade cleaning.

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