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Ministry of Health to host field epidemiology training

By Benjamin Flowers, Staff Reporter

The Ministry of Health, in the upcoming week, will hold a Field Epidemiology Training for its members who are responsible for surveillance of diseases and outbreaks.

The training is the basic portion of a three-tier course which has an intermediate and advanced level. Those who complete the advanced level will receive a Master’s Degree in Field Epidemiology.

The training will include topics such as Biostatistics, Laboratory and Epidemiological Methods, and Public Health Surveillance. It will also carry a management and leadership class.

Lorna Perez, the training’s coordinator, explained that the intermediate and advanced levels are currently being conducted in Guatemala; and that currently she is the only one to have gone on to the advanced level.

“What we’re aiming for at the ministry is to eventually be able to offer all levels in country,” Perez said. “We’ve already trained five intermediate level participants and we’re adding two more, in time those trained will become trainers”, he added.

The basic level of the program takes 4 months teaching one module per month. The intermediate takes nine months, and the advanced takes three years. In addition to the one advanced and seven intermediate, the ministry has trained 35 basic level participants.

Representatives from departments in the health sector, such as infection control, public health nurses, and vector control personnel will attend the course.

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