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Big Falls husband threatens to sue Western Regional Hospital following wife’s death

By Marion Ali

The Western Regional Hospital, and by extension the Ministry of Health are facng another embarrassment and very likely, a lawsuit after a mother died, allegedly because of negligence or malpractice at the hospital.

Norberta Sanchez, a resident of Big Falls Toledo and mother of four small children was transferred to the Western Regional for a cesarian section surgery last week Tuesday, but after the surgery was conducted, another surgery was need to remove her womb, which had reportedly failed to contract after the delivery. Her husband, John Romero told the media that they transferred Sanchez to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital after that second surgery was unsuccessful. He said they gave him the consent form to fill out and sign after they had already begun the operation on Sanchez, one of the factors for which he is contemplating a lawsuit.

Sanchez’ abdomen started to swell and she started to experience shortness of breath. When an ultrasound exam was conducted on Sanchez, it showed that blood had been accumulating in her abdomen and that she need a third surgery immediately. Unfortunately, she did not survive.

John Romero, now left with the couple’s four children, including the newborn, told the media that he feels the Western Regional Hospital is at fault for his wife’s death and he will sue the hospital.

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