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Caregivers learn about mental health and aging

By Marion Ali, Staff Reporter

The Mental Health Association focused on Friday on a real part of the human life as it relates to mental health – old age.

The association enrolled its caregivers in a workshop to discuss different realities of mental health that affect mainly the elderly, and the importance of knowing how to deal with them in geriatric care.

With help from a facilitator from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine’s Department of Psychiatry and Neurology in New York, the participants learned about functions of the brain, including dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, anxiety disorders, grief and isolation.

Mental health expert, Nurse Eleanor Bennett says the expectation is that the participants of the workshop will share their knowledge with peers in the field of geriatric care.

“The stress of dealing with somebody with a mental heath disorder and an elderly person with a mental health disorder sometimes compromises their ability to function well as caregivers”, Bennett told the media, expressing hope that the training will provide a better alternative to deal with the issues at hand.

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