7 Major benefits and exercise essentials of a daily exercise regime

We were created for “movement and action” and no doubt a consistent daily exercise regime is one of the best ways to keep this machinery, the human body, in such mobility. Most doctors recommend at least 30-45 minutes of daily exercise.

7 Benefits of Daily Exercise Regime

Just 30 to 45 minutes of daily exercise are critically important to a total lifestyle approach to health. Below are some of the benefits of such a consistent exercise regime.

1. Exercise helps us to “look good” by reaching and maintaining proper weight. It burns calories and builds muscle.

2. Exercise not only helps us look good, but also make us “feel good”. It is so effective that it is a valuable tool for fighting depression and relieving anxiety and stress that are so common, into today’s, “fast-pacing rat race”. At the same time while making us feels good, exercise  increases metabolism and energy levels, making us more efficient and productive in all that we do.

3. Exercise enhances circulation, which in turn improves memory and mental ability, and promotes better sleep and faster healing. It decreases the pain and stiffness of osteoarthritis by delivering blood to the joints, and can relieve headaches.

4. Exercise strengthens the bones, helping them retain calcium and other minerals, thus aiding in the prevention of osteoporosis.

5. Exercise helps protect you  from heart disease by strengthening the heart, decreasing blood pressure and heart rate, and lowering LDL (bad) cholesterol while raising HDL (good) cholesterol.

6. Exercise aids digestion and promotes intestinal activity, reducing gas and constipation.

7. Exercise also stimulates the immune system. This decreases not only cold and flu infection, but also significantly reduces cancer and AIDS mortality rates, some of the major immunity medical sicknesses, which are being fought on a daily basis in Belize.

7 Exercise Essentials to Consider

Finally, let’s consider some practical exercise essentials that could be helpful in carrying out an effective exercise program.

• Check with your doctor before starting a vigorous exercise program if you have cardiovascular disease or are over 40 with multiple cardiovascular risk factors. The risks of physical activity are very low compared to the health benefits. Many more people rust out instead of wearing out.

• Make physical activity a part of your life: Grow a garden; choose to walk rather than ride; always use the most distant parking space; take the stairs; play active games with the kids; use a push mower; walk the dog, or go to a gym, fitness or wellness center.    In addition to these activities choose an exercise that you will enjoy such as walking, swimming, or cycling; if you enjoy it you are more likely to make it a permanent part of your life.

• Establish an exercise routine: Pick a time of the day that’s best for you and keep that exercise appointment as if it were a business engagement. Exercise is cumulative. Three ten minutes sessions are just as good as one thirty minute period.

• Start exercise program with low intensity: Always start with a low intensity exercise to let your body warm up. Then do a few stretching exercise using a slow, steady movement.

• Finish your exercise program with low intensity: End with a low intensity exercise to cool down, and more stretching to avoid soreness and enhance flexibility.

• Don’t  over-exert yourself.  Remember, you aren’t in competition with anyone, so don’t push your tolerance. Excessive exercise is not healthy. Part of Health is also Temperance.

• Get at least 30 minutes of exercise daily: You need at least 30 minutes of exercise everyday. If daily exercise is not possible, try for three times a week on nonconsecutive days. Alternating aerobic exercise with strength training is now recommended as the most complete and beneficial program.

Are you on any exercise regime yet? – You can start today – Remember Philippians 4:13 and 3rd John 2.


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