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Cervical Cancer awareness drive hits BTL Park

By Benjamin Flowers, Staff Reporter

The Belize Cancer Society of California, held a cervical cancer awareness drive entitled, “Not Clear – Get Checked”.
The drive was to inform women of all ages on the symptoms of cervical cancer and the risks associated with not detecting it early. The event had several unique features, including the giving away of free bras and panties as a symbol of reaching out to women, the “I am my sister’s keeper” pledge and the distribution of leather wrist bands.

Arlette Pilgrim, president and founder of the Belize Cancer Society of California explained that she felt the event was necessary because getting the information out to women can save their lives.

“It’s serious because younger women are dying of cancer, and I can see them suffering in the process, and I just don’t want to see another woman get diagnosed with cancer and have to sit at home to die,” Pilgrim said.

The event also had other educational material about other forms of cancer, such as breast and testicular cancer. The BCSC also gave away prosthetic breasts to survivors of breast cancer who have had a mastectomy.

According to the World Health Organization, cervical cancer is one of the world’s deadliest, but most easily preventable forms of cancer for women, responsible for more than 270 000 deaths annually, 85percent of which occur in developing countries.

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