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Matron Roberts holds health fair

By Alexis R. Milan, Staff Reporter

The Matron Roberts polyclinic held its third annual health fair on Friday with informative boths and testing available.

Matron Roberts Administrator, Alexy Rosado said they had a total of 17 booths offering a wide variety of useful health information to the public. This year’s theme, “Good to go from head to toe,” indicates that health is about both mental and physical wellness, Rosado said.

Organizations including the cancer society, BCT, BCVI, the blood bank, HECOPAB and public health all had booths on Friday.

Rosado said some of the testing available included glucose and hypertension testing.

Rosado also mentioned that the clinic has started piloting new initiatives, such as a patient passport for patients with chronic conditions. It is a way for the patients and their doctors to keep record of their progress in an easily accessible, constanly updated booklet.

Rosado said they are still looking at ways to further improve the quality of service at the clinic, which was awarded as the best performing clinic in the Central Health Region earlier this year.

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