Zipline coming to Belize City

A company investing in Belize City is making use of the unused waterfront available to the city by creating a zip-line that will attract tourists, Mayor Darrell Bradley told the Reporter.

Bradley said although people in the city tend to associate water with environmental damage like hurricanes and flooding, this project tabled to the City Council over a year ago intends to make the city’s waterfront commercially viable.
The endeavor will also create employment opportunities while increasing tourism appeal.
Although he could not provide details, Bradley said the zip-line would extend across the sea.

“It would be something that I would like to try myself,” he said about the zip-line, an investment of more than $1 million.
Bradley said the proposal is in line with developing the city’s waterways, which in turn is part of the Master Plan for developing the city.
Bradley noted that one of the reasons the city is endorsing the proposal is because tourists often complain that there is not much to do around the city. With the development of the sea front and creating entertainment value, tourism within the city can pick up and it may even inspire other investments, he said.

According to Bradley, the zip-line will be rigorously tested to ensure maximum safety before opening to tourists and citizens in Belize.

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