Yohnny Rosado: I did nothing to Vitalino Reyes Jr

By Alexis R. Milan Staff Reporter

Yohnny Rosado, owner of, said that contrary to reports neither he nor any of his employees were involved in the altercation that has Vitalino Reyes Jr. in the hospital on life-support.

Rosado said he was shocked to learn the following day that he was being implicated in the incident and wished to clear his name for the integrity of his business and his reputation.

According to Rosado he and his employees were at the Long-Island Bar on Blue Marlin Drive on Thursday evening and did see Reyes but they never engaged in any conflict with him.

Rosado said he was aware that Reyes was involved in a scuffle with some other persons at the bar but never saw Reyes unconscious.

According to Rosado’s attorney, Audrey Matura-Shepherd, their evidence shows that after the incident police arrived on the scene and later Reyes and his associate, Yoney Vega, were escorted away by the officers.

Matura-Shepherd explained that their witnesses have all said that both men were able to walk to the police vehicle even though they were intoxicated.

Reyes was taken in the back of the police truck while the Vega rode along with officers in the van that they had driven in.

“Had they really believed that Mr. Rosado and his employees were involved, you know how the police operate, they would not have walked away from that place without taking all of them if they had to for questioning,” Matura-Shepherd said.

Matura-Shepherd said they are calling on the police to investigate the timeline from when the police escorted Reyes and Vega away to the time Reyes ended up in the hospital.

Rosado added that even though he has had a history of feuding with Reyes’ family he would never wish violence on him and said that he is praying for Reyes to recover.

Rosado and Reyes’ father, Vitalino Reyes Sr, owner of, have been at odds several times over the past few years, with the most recent incident culminating in Rosado and Reyes Sr. being bound over the peace in court.

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