Will Councillor Elrington -Hyde resign?

aThe rumoured resignation of Councillor Alifah Elrington – Hyde amid controversy with a co-worker may result in a bye-election in the near future.

Troubles with a female employee are said to have peaked during the official Guatemalan contingency’s visit to Belize, which ended in a verbal spat delivered on the streets of San Pedro two weeks ago.

Elrington – Hyde’s displeasure with the hierarchy’s disciplinary measures is said to be behind her decision to resign.

If accepted, Belize City will face a bye-election in the near future to find a replacement councillor.

Attemps to confirm the rumor with Public Relations officer, Kenny Morgan, were not successful.  His office had not been notified of any impending resignation.

Elrington – Hyde is currently the only woman on the otherwise all-male City Council. She  is responsible for Public Relations, Court matters, Special Events and Culture.

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