What really happened at Caracol on Sept. 25?

By Marion V. Ali
Staff Reporter

A telling video recording of the immediate aftermath of the murder of Danny Conorquie was circulated on Facebook and You Tube this week.

The video is the work of one of the tourists present at the Caracol Maya temple where the incident happened last Thursday.
It captures the sound of a series of gunshots, believed to be those in the crossfire between Conorquie’s colleague, Monty Peck, and the killers, who had apparently already killed the young lawman.

It also shows tourists who were on top of the temple shielding from potential harm and tour operators trying to make sense of what had just happened, while guiding their tourists to safety.

Also captured on the video recording are three horses that were confiscated from suspected Guatemalan intruders prior to the killing, the slain special constable on the ground where he collapsed under the shed – the location where he sat when a suspected marksman shot him in the centre of his back.

The gunman reportedly then walked up to Conorquie and point-blank range and blasted another shot that penetrated his skull. The actual execution is not captured on the recording.
Luis Zaiden, a tour guide who was along with three tourists at the site when the shooting happened, told reporters this week that when he heard the gunshots in that area he thought it unusual, but someone mentioned that perhaps another person had killed a snake, as was done earlier that morning, when someone spotted a poisonous snake in the area.

But after the four additional shots were fired in rapid succession, Zaiden made his way to where he could see the main plaza and observed that Conorquie had already been shot dead. His killer also stole his police-issued gun in the process.

Zaiden said he saw two men running towards a densely-forested gully. Soon after he observed a third man trying to flee in the same direction. The trio reportedly shielded themselves behind what is called the B Plaza ball court, guns still blazing at this point. Then they disappeared into the jungle.

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