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Wesley College makes recommendations to MoE over VP’s criminal charges

By Marion Ali, Staff Reporter

The Board of Wesley College has reportedly come up with a set of recommendations which it intends to forward to the Ministry of Education, after drug trafficking charges were filed against the school’s Vice President, Melvin Hewlett last week Friday. This comes off the heels of an emergency meeting that was called this past Monday, after Hewlett’s arrest outside the school compound, where he has taught for the past 13 years.  

The 35 year-old educator pleaded not guilty to the charge before Magistrate Deborah Rogers and is out on $7,000 bail. He has since met with the school’s principal, Joan Tillett and Right Reverend Roosevelt Papouloute, President of the Methodist Conference of Belize over what the repercussions for such a heavy charge are.  He has been away from the classroom since the incident. 

Papouloute has said that even before the Board of Directors decided to suspend Hewlett from teaching, he has not returned to classes since his arrest.  Papouloute also lamented publicly that “the Methodist family on a whole – we are very sorry about what happened and we are doing our best. …We can only make recommendations at some aspect to the Ministry of Education as a Board.”

An estimate of the street value of 14 grams of cocaine in Belize, the amount which the Gang Suppression Unit allegedly nabbed Hewlett with, is around $2,500.  Hewlett’s next court date is January 8th.

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