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“We’re ready for office”, says VIP

By Benjamin Flowers, Staff Reporter

With looming talks of early general elections, the political third party Vision Inspired by the People (VIP) is making strides to establish itself as a viable option for Belizean voters.

The party has moved on establishing a national secretariat in the City of Belmopan, and is also looking into having an office operating in Belize City. It has also moved increasing accessibility by establishing its website The VIP also continues to dialogue with the business community and civil society on the need for policy reforms in the country.

Acting chairman for the Belize district, Paco Smith, explained that the party’s efforts are to reassure the electorate of its stability. He added that the party has maintained strong activism, challenging the current administration on national issues.

“We’re prepared to make the necessary changes once in office, to make sure Belize is on the right path”, Smith said. “We’re about making the substantive change needed to ensure this country’s development.”

“The two most pertinent issues facing the country right now is Guatemala’s unfounded claim, and the whole Petrocaribe spending that we see the government on, with seemingly no plan on how they will pay it back”, Smith said.

Smith and other activists were vocal in protesting the Ministry of Foreign Affairs during the unofficial Belize/Guatemala week symposium held at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts. The VIP also made media rounds within the week, speaking on the issues, such as transparency and accountability in government, among other things.

The VIP, which started in 2000, had its first full slate to contest the Belmopan municipal elections in 2006. 

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