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Was Remo’s murder a random shooting?

By Benjamin Flowers, Staff Reporter

Two months after the outrageous murder of journalist Kareem Clarke, a 17-year-old was charged for the crime; the motive, however, may be as appalling as the crime itself.

According to Officer Commanding Eastern Division South, Sr. Superintendent Chester Williams, the police suspect that Clarke was killed on a whim with no real motivation at all.

“It would appear that these persons were there, they were drinking, they were high and they just shot basically anybody who was passing by”, Williams said.

He added that the minor charged with the murder is a known affiliate of the PIV gang and was on remand at the Hattiville Prison for another offense after the shooting, when the investigation results pointed to him as the shooter.

Police say that they made the arrest on the strength of an eye witness testimony. The minor was charged on Tuesday in the Belize Family Court. Because of the gravity of the offense, no plea was taken and he was taken back to the prison until October 28th.

Kareem “Remo” Clarke was shot twice to the head and three times to the body on Vernon Street at around 1:00 a.m. on July 6. Clarke, an upstanding journalist, left behind his mother Julia, sister Melanie, many nieces and nephews and close friends in the media, who have since established the Kareem Clarke Memorial Fund.

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