VIP ready to protest against the PetroCaribe Bill

By Alexis R. Milan
Staff Reporter

The Vision Inspired by the People (VIP), in a press conference on Wednesday, shared its criticisms of the controversial PetroCaribe Loan Act, announcing it is prepared to take its protest to the streets along with other issues of concern for the party.

VIP candidate, Patrick Rogers called the Act illegitimate and said the move by the government is illegal because it is in contravention with the Finance and Audit Reform Act of 2005.sAny claim using the PetroCaribe Loan Act as justification, is accordingly also illegal.

Rogers called on the National Trade Union Congress of Belize (NTUCB), the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Council of Churches and all social partners to join in and express dissatisfaction with the government and the PetroCaribe Loan Act. Rogers said it is an unjust law and the VIP is ready to lead the charge in the streets in protest if it reaches that point.

The VIP also revealed that it is in the process of recruiting candidates for all 31 constituencies across the country to contest in the next general election. VIP Public Relations Officer, Robert “Bobby” Lopez announced that he will run for the Belize Rural South constituency, where he resides in San Pedro, and that the announcements for the other candidates will follow soon.

Another issue that the VIP touched on is its previous call for a voter re-registration process and a re-districting of constituencies.

According to VIP candidate, Paco Smith, the re-registration process is necessary and long overdue, as many voters don’t live in the area they are registered in and some names on the voters’ list belong to people who are now deceased. Smith said the list is inaccurate and needs to be fixed.updated.

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