VIP: Government will never appoint Integrity Commission

By Alexis R. Milan Staff Reporter

This current government will never appoint an Integrity Commission to scrutinize their actions, Vision Inspired by the People political leader Patrick Rogers told The Reporter Thursday.

“I don’t see it happening under this United Democratic Party government,” Rogers opined.
He added that even if they were to appoint an Integrity Commission it would be constructed as many other government bodies and comprised of political associates who they know would not scrutinize them according to regulation.

“We need to change the way we are governed,” Rogers said. He said there are other areas that need reform, including the Senate.

Prime Minister Dean Barrow revealed on Wednesday at his press conference that he still has not been able to find replacements for the two UDP nominees who declined the appointment because they would be considered as Politically Exposed Persons and would be required to submit financial disclosures.
In February, Barrow told the media, “I have been too busy really to have conducted any search for replacements of the Integrity Commission.”

The Integrity Commission exists for the purpose of having public officials, including members of Cabinet, National Assembly, and municipal representatives, file financial disclosures. The disclosures filed by public officials must detail their salary, fees, wages, profits, rents, interests, contracts awarded by government or the private sector, leases or grants, and business interests.

Declarations of finances must be submitted for the public official, their spouse, their children and other immediate family or associates.
There has been no Integrity Commission in Belie since 2010.

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