Veteran journalist prepares for life-saving surgery; needs assistance

By Marion Ali, Staff Reporter

Veteran journalist, Patrick Jones, known more recently for his breaking news postings on Facebook, and previously for his career in radio and television news, is preparing to undergo a life-saving surgery for Acute Pancreatitis, this week.

Jones’ family and friends have raised $5,000 – the cost of the surgery at La Loma Luz Adventist hospital in Santa Elena, but he still needs roughly $3,000 more for after-care, which will take another couple weeks before he can return to work. Together they are planning to have a bar-b-que sale in San Ignacio town on Saturday, January 30th, in order to raise money, but are asking the public to assist by making monetary contributions.

Jones told the Reporter he was diagnosed with a severely inflamed pancreas late last month, when he was rushed to La Loma Luz hospital, barely able to move. He had been going there for months before, with severe pain that he said would start in the abdomen, and extend to the lower back, sides and upper back. He said each time the doctors would run tests, but find nothing, and prescribe pain medication.

On the morning of Sunday, December 20th, when he was rushed to the hospital’s Emergency Room (ER) tests showed that his pancreas was so inflamed, that it was producing almost 10 times the amylase and lipase (enzymes produced in the digestion process) it normally produces. He spent six days on intravenous treatment and was stabilized and released from the hospital on Boxing Day, after being placed on a special diet, excluding fatty and spicy foods and sodas, and advised to drink eight glasses of water each day in order to keep hydrated.

Doctors suspect that, since Jones does not consume alcohol, the problem was caused by gallstones, which further tests confirmed. The surgery to remove the gallbladder with the stones, which is expected to permanently address the problem, is expected to be conducted by this weekend.

Anyone wishing to assist Jones can contact his sister, Myrtle Jones at 631-9985 or La Loma Luz hospital at 824-2050. Financial contributions can also be deposited directly into his San Ignacio Bank Bank account, number: 650 223 01597.

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