Veteran journalist needs financial assistance for urgent medical care

By Marion V. Ali
Staff Reporter

Patrick E. Jones, known internationally for his up-to-the-minute posts and breaking news on his Facebook page entitled, “Breaking News, News at the Speed of Live”, needs assistance to undergo urgent surgery for Acute Pancreatitis.
Jones told the Reporter this week that he has been experiencing discomfort since May of this year, but never knew what was the cause and had only been getting medication for pain, until he fell severely ill just prior to the Christmas.

He was hospitalized for five days at La Loma Luz Adventist Hospital in Santa Elena town, Cayo. He is in need of surgery and after care – a process that requires around $7,000. While Jones’ condition has been stabilized, he is not scheduled to undergo the surgery until January 15th. But the surgery will not occur if he is not able to pay the hospital in advance.

A fellow media colleague, Kent Pandy, producer of The Pandy Show on Plus Television, in trying to raise awareness of Jones’ illness, wrote on the Facebook notification of Jones’ illness: “Today is Patrick Jones, tomorrow it could be one of us.”
Persons and organizations would like to help Jones during his time of need, can make deposits to his Belize Bank account, number: 650-2230-1597. Jones can also be reached at cellular number: 607-6777.

Jones, who is the Managing Director of the National Channel and West Vision in the Cayo District, and is also a Senior Soldier with the Salvation Army Church, has spent over 30 years in the media, including the now defunct Broadcasting Corporation of Belize (BCB), Love FM and Channel 5. He has also spent a number of years in the government service, particularly at the Agriculture Department.

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