Upgrade of BTL Park moves into final phase

BTL parkOn Monday, Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley, along with representatives from Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL) and the Caribbean Local Economic Development Program (CARILED) broke ground for the final two phase of the BTL Park upgrade.

The upgraded BTL Park is scheduled to be completed this November. The first phase of the works, which was done by RJB Construction at a cost of $800,000 saw the construction of a sea wall and the expansion of the park by about 40 percent.

In the final two phases, the work, which will cost $1.2 million, will be done by International Enviornment, and will feature infrastructural works, such as the raising of the park grounds by six inches, along with the construction of an amphitheater, volleyball courts, and business kiosks. In addition, a 100-foot pier that will extend out to the sea will be constructed.

According to BTL’s Customer Service General Manager, Dr. Dionne Miranda, over the past 10 years, BTL has spent almost $1 million on the upkeep of the park.

Dr. Miranda said that BTL has changed the furniture in the park from wood to concrete.

“So having partners means a lot more to us, because it is not only a BTL interest anymore. It’s more a city-wide interest.”

Dr. Miranda added that the BTL team loves to have its name on the park , but it’s also more exciting that we’re actually going to see it turn into something that is amazing.

Mayor Bradley said that apart from the rising of the park by six inches, the putting of spaces for people to walk, spaces for people to enjoy.

“We are going to put in a fountain for kids. We are going to put in greenery and we are going to build an amphitheater that can accommodate large concerts,” the mayor said.

We are going to overlay the entire park with kiosks so that we will have a space that is teaming with economic opportunity – opportunity for social enjoyment and meaningful interactions. We’re actually going to put a beach area to the park and we will fill that area with beach sand.

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