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Two teams neck and neck on day two of La Ruta Maya canoe race

By Marion Ali, Assistant Editor

Teo canoe teams of three paddlers each, namely: NICH and Koop Sheet Metal are neck and neck after two days of sprints to the finish line.

On day 1, Friday, NICH edged out Koop Sheet Metal with only three seconds over them at the finish in Banana Bank.

Today, the two teams sprinted again at the end of the second leg in Double Head Cabbage, with Koop Sheet Metal inching past NICH at the tape. Unofficially, however, NICH still holds on to a one-second lead over Koop Sheet Metal, as they prepare for day three tomorrow.

The race started off yesterday in San Ignacio with 53 teams at the starting line. It will finish on Monday at the Belcan Bridge in Belize City. Tomorrow the paddlers will race from Double Head Cabbage to Burrell Boom. Altogether, they would have paddled over 140 miles by the end of the race.

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