Tropical Storm Don weakens after causing flash-flood

By Marion Ali, Assistant Editor

Tropical Storm Don has weakened after it dumped heavy rains over the Windward Islands on Tuesday night. Heavy rains south of the storm caused flash floods and landslides in Trinidad and Tobago.

Don passed southeast of Barbados and just south of Grenada during its final hours. Barbados sustained winds of 33 miles per hour (mph); Grenada sustained winds of 23 mph; Tobago sustained winds of 14 mph, gusting to 32 mph; St. Lucia sustained winds of 29 mph, gusting to 40 mph; and Martinique sustained winds of 25 mph, gusting to 37 mph.

On Tuesday, the National Hurricane Center in Miami described Don as an open wave after it was found to have no westerly winds at the surface. This means that Don no longer has a closed center of circulation, and no characteristics of a tropical storm.

Don formed late Monday but from the start, the likelihood of it becoming a major force was low and was later torn apart by strong winds high in the atmosphere.

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