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Tropic Air receives safety recognition 

By Ingrid Fernandez, Staff Reporter

The Latin America and Caribbean Air Transport Association has presented safety certification achievements to Tropic Air.

The Association established the International Airport Transport Association (IATA) Standard Safety Assessment (ISSA) this year and the airline expressed interest in the ISSA, helping the Association to test the standard. ISSA is a voluntary safety audit program aligned with global best practices.

Tropic Air has been operating in Belize since 1979 when it was founded by John Greif. Shared Manager, Denis Saunders, said that since then the airline has “offered excellent service to Belize”. Saunders, elaborating that the airline has done its best to keep up with demands to accommodate tourists. 

Saunders believes that Tropic Airlines is of essential significance to the Tourism Industry of Belize as it helps mobilize people to tourist destinations. To ensure safety, Saunders shared, the airline takes all precautions with aircrafts as with personnel. “Pilots are extensively trained in the most advanced simulators”, said Saunders. 

Saunders discussed that to keep up with the competition of the arrival of new aircrafts, such as South West and Copa Airlines, Tropic Air has made an effort to accommodate more passenger and cargo by getting more crafts on lease from Guatemala. 

Saunders shared the airline’s main goal at the moment is to get approval to operate as a municipal functioning airport in Belize City, a goal they have been lobbying with the government for more than two years now.

He believes that as San Pedro is already a tourist hub, better mobility between the city and the island would benefit the tourism industry. 

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