Trevor Vernon ends involvement with Castro case

By Aaron Humes
Freelance Reporter

BELIZE CITY, Mon. June 2nd, 2014

Facing the possible selling off of his assets, Trevor Vernon appeared to back away from continuing his pursuit of Edmond Castro over alleged violations of the law, after paying the remainder of his court costs to Senior Counsel Denys Barrow.

Vernon, a resident of Burrell Boom, saw his effort struck out by Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin, who ruled that the case was improperly founded.

The Chief Justice ordered $5,000 in costs to be paid to Barrow, and Vernon met nearly half that – $2,489.50 – in two pillowcases full of shillings which he brought to Barrow’s office on Coney Drive last Tuesday.

But on the strength of a writ of execution, court bailiffs and representatives of Barrow visited Vernon the day after and marked several appliances for sale, and ordered Vernon to pay the remainder of his costs by June 2.

He did – some $2,430. But the whole matter has given him pause.
According to Vernon, a combination of events, including unexpected costs from BEL and reported blocking of his international calls to the United States, has forced him to reevaluate his options for refiling the case.

He described the case as an “academic exercise” testing the strength of the Code of Conduct of the Constitution, which it turns out is in fact not very strong, because it has no penalties for offenders.
Vernon says he waits to see the reaction before deciding whether he would continue with the effort, but seemed largely unsure.

He did note that a favorable ruling would have had “international implications,” and thus felt that someone in power had decided the case had to be ‘nipped’ in the bud.”

Vernon’s chief supporter, Arthur Saldivar, denied mocking the court system by their actions.
He said that “poor people’s money” – referring to how ordinary Belize Rural North residents paid in to the fund – was no different from anyone else’s and denied going to the Belize Bank’s office on Coney Drive for the “shillings” that were used to pay Barrow last week.

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