Top CSEC and CAPE students awarded scholarships

By William Ysaguirre
Freelance Reporter

Edward P. Yorke High School graduate Nisa Oleysha Sanchez, this year’s top achiever in the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC), and Open scholarship winner Alisha Anipha Garraway, of Stann Creek Ecumenical Junior College, were the guests of honor, when the Ministry of Education hosted its annual CSEC and CAPE examinations awards ceremony at the Stann Creek Ecumenical Auditorium in Dangriga on Wednesday morning, November 25.

Nisa achieved 15 Grade 1 passes and one Grade 2 pass. The Ministry of Education rewarded her with a scholarship and an iPad, presented by Minister of Education Patrick Faber.
Nisa also achieved the highest grade in the entire country in Visual Arts, Food and Nutrition, and Home Economics Management. Patrick Noah Pinkard, also of E.P. Yorke, was the second most outstanding candidate, and also received a scholarship and an iPad.

Alisha Garraway won the Open scholarship, a full, all-expenses-paid four-year scholarship to the institution of her choice, after achieving the top grade in the entire country for Pure Mathematics Unit 1 and Unit 2, and Accounting Unit 2 in the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations (CAPE). She also received an iPad. The tablets come with a year of free DigiCell 4G internet service provided by Belize Telemedia.
In their remarks, Alisha and Nisa acknowledged their achievement would not have been possible without the support of their family and teachers, and were optimistic about achieving their future goals with this continued support.

Fourteen other CAPE students also received awards for outstanding performance in 22 other subject areas. Angel Navidad of St. John’s Junior College achieved an award for the most outstanding performance in five subject areas: Biology Unit 1 and 2, Chemistry Unit 2, Caribbean Studies and Communication Studies. Misty Marin of St John’s Junior College excelled in three subject areas: English Literature Unit 1, and Spanish Units 1 and 2; while Xiachuan Huang also of SJCJC, excelled in Physics Units 1 and 2.

SJCJC’s Justyn Craig excelled in Chemistry Unit 1. SJCJC’s Karen Munnings top-scored in History Unit 2, while SJCJC’s Nia Arthurs excelled in English Literature Unit 2.
Alisha’s schoolmate Annyssa Juelle Sanchez topped the country in Management of Business Units 1 and 2; Richard Bradley of Ecumenical High achieved top grades in Accounting Unit 1; Elton Sabal of St. Creek Ecumenical achieved top marks in Applied Mathematics Unit 1. SCEJC’s Carrette Anderson excelled in Tourism Unit 1, while her classmate Lizeli Coleman excelled in Tourism Unit 2.
Emile Hung of Our Lady of Guadalupe High School was the third highest CSEC achiever in the country, with top CSEC grades in Chemistry, Physics, Human and Social Biology, and Religious Education.

Isake Perez of St. Catherine’s Academy topped the country in two CSEC subject group areas: the Sciences and the Humanities, with the best scores for five subjects: Integrated Science, Biology, Social Studies, Mathematics and Additional Mathematics.
Lidia Ramirez of Ecumenical College topped the entire Caribbean region in CSEC Spanish, and also achieved the best grade in the country for CSEC Caribbean History.
Josette McGann of Belmopan Comprehensive had top grades in CSEC Information Technology, Electronic document preparation and management, Building Technology Construction and English A.

Brandon Williams of Edward P. Yorke also excelled in Building Technology, Mechanical Engineering Technology and Technical Drawing. Christian Molina of Muffles College had top grades in CSEC Principles of Business, and Principles of Accounts. Johan Carballo, also of Muffles, achieved top grades in Integrated Science B and English A.
Over 400 other students also received Certificates of Excellence for passing six or more CSEC passes with a Grade 1 or II, and of these, 163 achieved 10 or more passes.

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