Toledo 6th Annual Cacao Festival Is Here!

The Toledo Chocolate Growers Association is inviting Belizeans and other to come enjoy the 6th annual Toledo Cacao Festival, which the association is organizing in collaboration with the Toledo Chapter of the Belize Tourism Industry Association and other partners for the weekend of May 18 – 20.

For cultural diversity and convenience of activities, this grand event is unparalleled in the clean fun it offers in the heart of most cultured and historically rich district in Belize, Toledo. The first Toledo Cacao Festival was celebrated in 2006, bringing together a wide variety of interested professionals of the community to showcase Toledo’s history and culture. The professionals included cacao farmers, artisans, performers, restaurants, tourism and transportation providers.  Roberto Coh from BTIA Toledo said, “The Festival raises funds for Punta Gorda’s community projects that include assistance to chocolate farmers and the upgrading of schools and parks.”

The Festival starts with a lecture by Dr. Jaime Awe on the completion of the Maya Calendar, at the TCGA Conference Room in Punta Gorda Cacao on Friday afternoon, May 18. A Wine and Chocolate Evening will follow, featuring decadent chocolate creations from Belize’s most recognized chocolate creators and live cultural performances. A street fest filled with diverse cultural booths kicks-off on Saturday, May 19, during which kids and adults can enjoy numerous activities such as inland tours, children storytelling and painting sessions.  The night’s entertainment will include a superb ‘Open Air Street Concert’ concluding with a kaleidoscopic fireworks show. Sunday, May 20,, is the festival’s grand finale at the Lubaantun Maya site. Festival visitors can enjoy of a colourful cultural fair which will showcase the Deer Dance  and live Maya cultural music.

Tickets for the Toledo Cacao Festival are on sale at BTIA offices in Toledo and Belize City and at the BTB Office in Belize City. More information can be had from Armando Choco, Chair Person of the Cacao Festival Committee at [email protected] or Roberto Coh at [email protected]

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