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Toddler drowns in pit latrine

By Michelle Sutherlamd, Staff Reporter

A baby of the Maya Mopan area, Belmopan fell into an outdoor pit latrine and drowned.

The incident happened shortly before 5:30 p.m., on Thursday, when the little girl, 17-month-old Teresa Coy went missing. Her mother, Teresa Teul, 26, told police that the baby was playing in the yard with her siblings when she went missing.

The child was discovered floating inside the five-foot deep toilet hole in the yard. She was transported to the Western Regional Hospital where she later died.

This is the second time that a child has died by similar circumstances in that community this year.

In January, an 18-month-old baby boy fell into a well in Maya Mopan and drowned.

In both instances, the pits were left uncovered, making it easier for such tradegies to occur.

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