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Titans Mas Band wins carnival competition

By Benjamin Flowers, Staff Reporter

Titans Mas Band has emerged the winner of the senior division for Carnival Road March competition 2017.

Titans, who appeared as the fourth senior band in the carnival line-up, secured the victory with 595 points for their presentation entitled, “Celebration of Life.”

Mother Nature’s Creation came in second with 538 points, while Soca Moca Carnival Band, third with 523.

In the Junior band division, the Mahogany Masqueraders took first place with 563.5 points, while Black Pearl and Trench Town Masqueraders took second and third with 559 and 494 points respectively.

Bands scored points for: the durability of their costume, creative use of colors and carnival spirit, and for their performances in mass camp inspections held before carnival day.

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