Three parents of dead infants wait for answers from KHMH

1Thirteen newborns died in the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital’s Newborn Intensive Care Unit last month, and three  parents of those infabtssay they are still waiting for answers. 

The parents came forward on Tuesday at a press conference hosted by the Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action (COLA).

Stephen Panton, whose son died six days after his premature birth, said that the medical professionals constantly reported to him that the child’s health was improving.

Panton said his son was starting to eat more, and was just starting to be able to breastfeed. But  on the sixth day, he and his girlfriend found their son in pain.

2Doctors reportedly  told the couple they could go home, while they run some tests. The medical team assured them that they would be contacted if there was any emergency.

Panton said that they received no such call.

They therefor returned to the hospital, believing that their child was well. However, when they arrived, their child was turning blue and deteriorating rapidly.

Panton said the doctor told them that his son had caught an infectio.  His baby died a few hours later.

3Panton, who declared that he is furious at the whole situation, said: “They are admitting that they are wrong, but they don’t want to take responsibility for the wrong they are admitting to.”

Marisa Cruz’s baby died on Monday, April 1, one day before the baby girl was scheduled to be released from the hospital.

Cruz, fighting back  tears,  explained that her baby was doing well, until the day when she touched her  feet  and found them to be cold.were cold.

“The nurse heard that we were complaining that my baby was cold. She came and checked the baby. She said that the baby was under hypothermia.”

The hospital then brought in a specialist  to check on the baby.

The specialist told her that her baby was not breathing well and that if he had not reached there in time the nurses would not have noticed that her baby was not breathing well.

Cruz reported that they put the baby under a heat lamp, but she was rapidly tuning blue.

“They [the medical professionals] were telling me that it wasnormal for all babies,” Cruz explained.

Cruz said that she blames the doctors and the directors of the hospital.

“The doctors … knew there was a bacteria in there and they could have come forward to the directors and let them know to do something about it.

“The directors as well because since March, babies were dying, before May. If they were aware of this they should have done something as well.”

Maria explained that this is the second child she has lost at KHMH, and that she has  now lost confidence in the hospital.

Harrison Sutherland, whose baby died on May 18, said: “I’m just looking for a deeper investigation than  that  reported on my baby’s death certificate : “prematurity.” The doctors told me that my baby died from an infection.”

Sutherland said that the doctors told him that his child needed a blood transfusion.

“I went and I got the blood for my baby, and by the time I heard, my baby died five o’clock the morning.”

Following the reports of the deaths, KHMH officials, the Prime Minister, Hon. Dean Barrow, KHMH Chairman Chandra Nisbet-Cansino, and the Minister of Health Hon. Pablo Marin held a press conference to report on the results of the investigation into the situation.

Cruz told the media that not only was  she dissatisfied with the answers and explanation from the head table, she charged  that the hospital’s Public Relations Officer tried to discourage her from attending the press conference.

According to Cruz, the public relations officer told her that it would be best ifshe didn’t stay for the press conference, because she “could have put the entire thing in jeopardy.”

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