Teacher and students charged for illegal hunting

A Teacher and four students, two of them minors, who allegedly captured and brutalized a howler monkey, were charged  for gruesome and senseless act in Orange Walk Magistrate’s Court last Thursday.

According to reports, the students used a sling shots to shoot the animal down from a tree; and at the behest of their teacher, Angel Carillo, proceeded to tie up the animal and  hit it with tree limbs.

The vicious act of cruelty was supposedly a revenge beating, as reports say that the animal apparently defecated on teacher while he was napping.

It seems as if the teacher want full retribution.

HOWLER MONKEYAnother teacher reportedly rescued the animal, and took it to her home. The Forest Department later took the monkey to a rehabilitation facility, where it subsequently died on March, 8, 2013.

A Forestry Department press release stated: “Wildlife in Belize is protected under the Wildlife Protection Act (Chapter 220 revised edition 2000) and the Forest Act (Chapter 213 revised edition 2000) of the substantive laws of Belize.

“It is illegal to hunt/capture wildlife without a valid permit from the Forest Department.”

The Department reminded that according to the Act hunting means “to kill, take or molest by any method and includes attempting to kill, take or molest by any method any species of wildlife”.

The case of the five individuals was adjourned until June 26.

They were given bail of $1,000 each with surety of the same amount.

The Black Howler monkey is the largest monkey in Belize and  in the Americas.

Belize has a healthy population of these loud monkeys that are listed as an endangered species due to excessive hunting and habitat destruction.

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