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Taking coastal issues to inland students- Oceana holds open day in Belmopan

By Benjamin Flowers, Staff Reporter
Hundreds of students gathered at Oceana’s Belmopan office on Friday for an open day explaining the importance of the barrier reef.
The open day is a part of the activities held under Reef Week, being celebrated under the theme “Celebrate Our Heritage. Protect Our Future. Belief in the Reef.”
The open day was held in collaboration with numerous non-governmental organizations, and government authorities. These include: Mar Alliance, Belize Volunteers Club, Belize Audubon Society, Sea 2 Shore Alliance, Aldebaran, Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute, Belize Fisheries Department, The Nature Conservancy, the Environmental Research Institute (UB), Belize Bird Rescue and Solid Waste Management Authority and Institute.
Amelita Knowles, national grassroots coordinator for Oceana Belize. said that the organization chose to hold the open day in Belmopan to bring information about marine issues to an audience who hears less about them.
“People who live in Belize city and coastal areas have a lot of access to the marine information,” Knowles said, “we thought it was a good idea to hold the open day in Belmopan and invite the schools that are more inland to come out and learn about what’s happening in the marine environment.”
She added that the open day also presented a good opportunity for students to learn more about Oceana and the work it does.
Reef week culminates with a special concert at the BTL Park in Belize City on Sunday.

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