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Taiwanese embassy donates instruments to Pallotti music program

By Alexis R. Milan, Staff Reporter

The Taiwanese Embassy made a donation of several music instruments to the Pallotti High school music program on Thursday during a handing over ceremony at the school.

Taiwanese Ambassador, Benjamin Ho said the donation was actually made to Pallotti through an organization which was started in commemoration of a 10-year-old boy who died of cancer. Ambassasor Ho explained that since the boy’s passing his family started the organization to fund good-will programs in his legacy.

Pallotti Principal, Sister Clara Teul said the school was very grateful and humbled to have been chosen as the recipient of the donation. Sr Teul said Pallotti is well known for its music program and that’s the reason why the organization chose to make the donation for the students.

The principal added thar enrollment in their music program is increasing so the donation of the instruments is timely. She said that not every student can afford to own their own instrument, so having the donation provides a better opportunity for more of them to discover their hidden musical talents. The gift included 100 soprano recorders.

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