Street games are back

By Benjamin Flowers

The Belize City Council, Gateway Youth Center, Police Department and Youth Apprenticeship Programme, teamed up this past weekend to revive the Street Games, community sports initiative.

A total of 12 basket ball teams and five foot ball teams faced off in front of Atlantic Bank on Albert Street on Sunday November 26, in an effort to foster peace and good community relations within Belize City. The winning team received $400, while the second place team received $200. The winners also qualified for the Street Games Championships, to be held at the BTL Park on Princess /Margaret Drive in February 2018, during the park’s anniversary celebration.

Belize City Councilor and Mayoral Candidate Dion Leslie, explained that the council was a part of the initiative when it was held some years ago, and decided to participate in its reintroduction to fulfill a social obligation that the council has to the people of Belize City.

Street Games take off on Albert Street

Street Games take off on Albert Street

“We are the first line of government for the people of Belize City so we must do things in the community to bring communities together to give outlets for the youths and different people through the communities,” Leslie said.

The next street games will be on December 17 in the Collet Area.

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