Street Art Festival III – jamming!

FESTIVALBelizean artists offered a smorgasbord of creativity, color and music to titillate and tantalize all the senses at the Third Annual Street Art Festival, held on Albert Street in downtown Belize City on Saturday, February 23.
There were tattoo artists like Luke Usher of the Slaughterhouse Tattoo Parlor and Steve Mossiah of the Stinging Scorpio Tattoo Studio, who use the human skin as their canvas, offering prospective customers many innovative designs in tattoo art.
For those into body-piercing or other external ornaments, Donatila Chun of Ix-tiias Creations, Irene Vernon – Novelo of From the Box, and Sinana Garcia and Kent Francis of Makalala offered hand-made jewelry.
Others offering handicrafts, jewelry and clothes included Maryam Adul-Qawiyy of Belize African Connection, Virginia Hampton of Re-Threads, but for that one of a kind T-shirts, please see Kathleen Hohenkirk of Tease Gift Shop.
Angelita Velasquez displayed her “Art from the Heart”, in wood carvings and jewelry, and Paulette Gentle of Rasta Store and Estephany Munnings of Embellishments also had creative handicraft to show.
Orlando Urbina presented his creations using pearly conch shells, Marcos Alamina of Tropical Treasures presented creations in black coral and other shell work.
Linda Paiz of Linda’s Art, Kelvin Baizar of Depiction Art, and Maria and Brenda Penadas also offered art, handicraft, and jewelry.
Photographer Noel Escalante offered quintessentially Belizean scenes colorfully printed on canvas for that old school oil painting effect, but Kayla Fuller and Peyrefitte offered the real thing created with a brush.
The creative bug has also bitten Belizean cooks, and the festival offered a cornucopia of edibles in Belizean cuisine.
If you sought kebabs, you had to check Suapa del Carmen. Mary Avila of Cassnova’s Fast Food cooked up what the customer ordered; Mike Chan had the Mexican style food at El Taquito and when it came to refreshments there was Old Master Rum from L& R Liquors.
In all this, the rhythm dominated! Popular Belizean artists who performed in concert on the main stage at Battlefield Park included Jael, Jackie Castillo, Tricia Gabourel, Chanelle Parks, Blak Berry, soca queen Ernestine Carballo and others.
It just kept getting better into the night as Denise Castillo, Melonie Gillett, Jenko Veli and Nello Player took the stage. Younger amateur artists had their own stage further up the street. If you missed it, there’s always next year!

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