Special team of therapists visit Inspiration Center

By Benjamin Flowers
Staff Reporter

This week a special team of therapists visited the Inspiration Center to conduct clinics in physical and occupational therapy.

The team, which came from Long Island University in Brooklyn New York, USA, was comprised of two physical therapists, one occupational therapist, a pediatric neurologist, and 12 student volunteers.

Dr. Agnes Joseph, clinical manager at the Inspiration Center, explained that the team began with an information sharing session on Monday, and by the end of their visit would have seen some 135 patients.

“It’s important that when this kind of opportunity presents itself that we take advantage of it, because the services are not readily available in Belize,” Joseph emphasized.

She added that from the information sharing session the teams coined an idea to carry out a “tele-health” programme where therapists from LIU would supervise therapy sessions in Belize via the internet; however the initiative would need to secure funding before it could be launched.

Dale Coffin, a Belizean-born occupational therapist with LIU, explained that she asked the team to accompany her to Belize, because she knew there was a demand for the service since there are no operational therapist in Belize.

“While there are some overlaps, occupational therapy helps more with functional skills, getting the kids to use their hands better, making them able to feed themselves and become more independent,” Coffin said.
The team saw itslast set of patients on Friday.

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