Snake bite kills 11-year-old student

killedMonique Moore an  11 year  standard five student at St. Edmond Campeon Roman Catholic School in Teakettle Village, Cayo, died 24 hours after a poisonous snake, suspected to be a coral snake, bit her on Sunday night.

Monique, who was walking on the Young Gial Road in the village along with her cousin, Amelisha Reyes, 15, was returning home from church on Sunday night when she encountered the poisonous snake.

The two had just joked about a man who frightened them when he inadvertently stopped suddenly in front of them and then continued on his way. It was while they were laughing over the matter that the little girl came in contact with the snake, which bit her.

Amelisha saw two punctures on Monique’s foot and realized that it came from the pangs of  poisonous snake. She tried to get the girl to the church where she knew  her parents were so they could get help. But the snakebite was taking rapid effect and as  soon as  Monique grabbed  Amelisha’s hand and told her that she felt dizzy, she collapsed on the ground and began to experience convulsions.

By the time Monique was rushed to the Western Regional Hospital, she was already unconscious and turning purple.

To add to the dilemma, the hospital was not outfitted with a functional respirator and so she had to be further shuttled to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital.  She continued to sink despite doctors’ efforts to resuscitate her.

The area where the little girl was bitten is dark at night because the nearby streetlight has not been working for a while.

Her tragic death has left her 30 classmates at St. Edmond Campeon Roman Catholic School at a loss for words. Monique was an intelligent student and always placed in the top half.

Coral snakes are often seen in the area, but no one had had such a deadly encounter with one in recent history.

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