Reverend Kurt Kassebeer passes away

By Dyllan Lawrence
Staff Reporter

Well known Catholic priest and pastor of Guadalupe Parish in Belmopan, Reverend Kurt Kassebeer, passed away on Tuesday morning, March 10.

According to parishioners, Fr. Kassebeer was feeling ill from Sunday evening. They mentioned that a doctor had come to visit him at the rectory. On Monday morning he celebrated mass and seemed to be fine. At around midnight he began feeling ill again and drove himself to the hospital. He died shortly after at 1:55 due to a massive heart attack. Fr. Kassebeer was said to have had a history of high blood pressure.

Fr.Kassebeer is recognized for the number of years he has served in several different parishes. He has worked at Holy Redeemer, La Inmaculada in Orange Walk, St. Joseph and lastly in Our Lady of Guadalupe in Belmopan. Kassebeer served 14 years at St. Joseph and later he served in Belmopan, where he remained until his passing. He was ordained as a priest on June 26th 1970 and has since dedicated his life to serving in Belize.

According to Michael Kemp, one of two seminarians for the Diocese currently studying at Kenrick – Glennon Seminary, “Anyone who came in contact with Fr. Kurt knew that he was a man who stood by principles and order. He was a man of the church who loved his faith and never wavered or watered down his beliefs and so he passed on a sense of orthodoxy and tradition. He stood up for what he believed was in accordance with Church teachings and for anyone who planned any celebration of the liturgy with him, they might remember his fervent belief that the Church is a place for worship and not a stage show. He balanced compassion and presence with orthodoxy.”

Funeral arrangements have not yet been made. A Memorial Mass was held in his name on Tuesday at the Our Lady of the Way Parish.

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