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PUP’s Ivan Ramos requests PetroCaribe funds for Father’s Day cheer

By Marion Ali, Staff Reporter

Ivan Ramos, the People’s United Party’s (PUP) area representative for Dangriga has gone against his party’s official position to refuse PetroCaribe funds from the government.

The government’s Press Office issued a release on Friday, announcing that the Ministry of Finance has approved the disbursement of $25,000 to Ramos, who had submitted a formal request to the Prime Minister, with a budget attached for an upcoming Fathers’ Day event he has planned.

Ramos, who publicly chided his party for what he termed as some of its members being engaged in “idle talk”, also lashed out at the party earlier this month, implying that its leadership had forced him to step aside to make way for career educator, Anthony Sabal, as the party’s next unchallenged standard bearer for Dangriga for in the next general elections.

It is not yet certain how the PUP will react to Ramos blatant disregard for his party’s position, taken on a matter of principle in objection for the manner in which the government manages and uses PetroCaribe funds.

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