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PUP leader says PUP will appoint 13th Senator within 100 days of taking over government, if it wins

By Marion Ali, Staff Reporter

The People’s United Party (PUP) will appoint the 13th Senator within 100 days of taking office if it wins the November fourth General Elections, says PUP Leader Francis Fonseca.

At one in a series of public rallies dubbed Power to the People, taking place currently in front of several thousand people at the Central Park in the Orange Walk Central, Orange Walk town, Fonseca said a few minutes ago “We will appoint the 13th Senator because we are not afraid of oversight.”

Fonseca added that the PUP will set up an agricultural fund for cane farmers to access loans at two percent interest rate, and will set up a committee that will ensure the farmers can acquire farming equipment.

The PUP leader also criticized the United Democratic Party (UDP) government for the way it has handled matters of national interest and apoke against corruption, and failures in the health and educational systems.

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