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PUP leader says G-11 supports his leadership; agreement reached

By Marion Ali, Staff Reporter

The “G-11” and all 31 standard bearers of the opposition People’s United Party (PUP) support the leadership of Francis Fonseca. That’s according to Fonseca who told reporters on Friday that the break-away group and the party had reached an agreement on a way forward during a meeting held on Wednesday.

The meeting produced “a process and a structure that we all believe will achieve the objectives that we want to achieve, and we made it absolutely clear to the country and to the party that we are united in our efforts to defeating the Unite Democratic Party government”, Fonseca said.

The G-11 had, about six weeks ago absented themselves from party meetings in their displeasure over a list of concerns, one of which is the leadership. They had called for an open national convention that would allow for the leadership of the party to be challenged.

The group had also raised concern over the roles of the party executive and the standard bearers and over how decisions are made.

While Fonseca did not reveal the “process” he spole of, he said the two sides will meet in the coming week.

“We have put together a process that will allow us to meet over the next few days to put together a structure, moving forward for a national convention to make sure that we put in place a reform agenda which the party has. So those are the central issues that we have agreed upon – a national convention, a reform agenda that we will collaborate on – the party has a reform agenda. Our colleagues have their ideas they want to put forward to strengthen that agenda. We have always welcomed those ideas. In terms of the national convention, we will have a discussion about that national convention with all 31 standard bearers; we will make decisions as a caucus of standard bearers and then we will take that to the national executive of the party for ratification. …And let me be very clear before we get overly excited about a challenge in the leadership – all 31 standard bearers, including the ten present in Burrell Boom, made it absolutely clear that they support my leadership and there is no reason to challenge my leadership going into the next elections.”

The PUP’s Power to the People campaign will travel to San Narciso Village, Corozal on Saturday. One member of the group, Josue Carballo had indicated earlier in the week that he will attend the rally.

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