PUP leader says elections were decisive defeat but he will not resign!

By Marion Ali
Staff Reporter

The People’s United Party, fresh off Wednesday’s clobbering defeat at the municipal polls, will spend time to self examine to determine how and why it lost so overwhelmingly.

PUP Leader, Francis Fonseca, told reporters on Wednesday that despite his party’s major loss of 62 to 5 seats, he will not resign, nor will he blame the PUP area representatives for the municipal losses in their constituencies:

“If there are problems and challenges in those respective areas, we have to address them as a party. This is not about attacking any individual. It is about approaching a problem as a unified party and finding a solution to those problems”, Fonseca said.

In a press release issued the same day, the PUP stated that the resources that the party was up against proved to be too much. It listed reasons such as the “indiscriminate use of Petrocaribe funds”, something which Prime Minister Dean Barrow has outrightly denied, saying that his party has been very careful in ensuring that the monies are spent on developmental projects to uplift people’s lives.
The PUP release also accuses the ruling party of using government vehicles and other public resources as part of its campaign strategy, and another reason for being outmatched.

Fonseca told the media that his party will move to analyze the election results and engage in open and candid discussions in its effort to try to unify itself and prepare for general elections. At the core of the deliberations will be a plan to develop and garner campaign financing.

“We need more money than we have now to adequately fight the elections, and I believe that we will be able to do so … for this election everything came from local sources (business people and families) that is the source of our fundraising. Its no big money … a $10,000 or a $5,000, that would be the maximum amount”, Fonseca shared.

He said he believed this strategy can be effective, but it will have to be on a more aggressive and widespread approach.

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